Wholesale Bags

Wholesale bags are a perfect solution for your business. They are durable and capacious. All the bags are made of top-quality materials. They are long-lasting and are able to perform their functions well during several weeks or even months. The smooth surface does not hurt the content. The maximum load capacity is 247 ounces. It’s also possible to engrave the needed picture or inscription on the outer layer. The bags have convenient handles. Thanks to them, it’s easy and convenient to carry items. It’s possible to pick up the most appropriate color of bags. There are white, black, and grey models.

Wholesale Bags 24x6x36 Black w/ Gray


Top-quality wholesale bags are an ideal solution for your retail business. Bags are a convenient and..

Wholesale Bags 24x6x36 Black w/ Gray Wholesale Bags 24x6x36 Black w/ Gray
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