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We carry year-round inventory of a variety of different types of sewing supplies. From small boxes to large, from single wall to double wall boxes, we have all the shapes and sizes you may need. To place your order please contact us at (213) 746-8892

Cutting Service

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Item Code Description Feet
PAP-KP30 Kraft Paper 30″ 40wgt 1025 ft
PAP-KP36 Kraft Paper 36″ 40wgt 1025 ft
PAP-KP48 Kraft Paper 48″ 40wgt 1025 ft
PAP-KP60 Kraft Paper 60″ 40wgt 1025 ft
PAP-KP63 Kraft Paper 63″ 40wgt 1025 ft
PAP-KP66 Kraft Paper 66″ 40wgt 1025 ft
PAP-KP72 Kraft Paper 72″ 40wgt 1025 ft
PAP-WP45 Wax Paper 45″ 600 ft
PAP-WP60 Wax Paper 60″ 600 ft
PAP-MP36 Marking Paper 36″ 500 ft
PAP-MP45 Marking Paper 45″ 500 ft
PAP-MP48 Marking Paper 48″ 500 ft
PAP-MP60 Marking Paper 60″ 500 ft
PAP-MP63 Marking Paper 63″ 500 ft
PAP-MP66 Marking Paper 66″ 500 ft
PAP-PP100W Pattern Paper 48″ 100wgt 540 ft
PAP-PP125W Pattern Paper 48″ 125wgt 460 ft
PAP-PP150W Pattern Paper 48″ 150wgt 380 ft
PAP-PP45 Pattern Paper 45″ 3/4 Color 540 ft
PAP-STP45 Seperating Tissue 45″ 2000 ft
PAP-STP60 Seperating Tissue 60″ 2000 ft
Thread 380 ft

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We carry year-round inventory of a variety of essential supplies and materials…

Contact a sales representative at 213-746-8892 or

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American Clothing Supply has been established for over 30 years as one of the largest manufacturers and master distributors of trim and packaging supplies. We supply a wide array of packaging material to many large companies.

We can provide you with custom made boxes and poly bags with any labels, weight or sizes you need. We also provide hangers, plastic bags, stretch wrap, elastic, chipboard boxes, shoulder pads, thread, sewing material and equipment, poly bags, tape and more.

We can provide you all these products at competitive prices and at any quantity you need from our warehouse.

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