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We carry year-round inventory of a variety of different janitorial supplies. We stock various brands of the highest quality janitorial supplies and we are sure to have what you need.To place your order please contact us at (213) 746-8892


660C 110244/902BW9 9″ TRIGGER SPRAYER ONLY BLUE 200ea.
6611 110245/902RW7 7″ TRIGGER SPRAYER ONLY RED 200ea.
6610 110246/902RW9 9″ TRIGGER SPRAYER ONLY RED ea.
110542 110542 9″ #320 CHEMICALLY RESISTANT TRIGGER 200ea.
6614 120112/916CN 16OZ PLASTIC BOTTLE ONLY ea.
6615 120119/924B 24OZ PLASTIC BOTTLE ONLY ea.
6616 120125/932CG 32OZ PLASTIC BOTTLE ONLY ea.
6613 130136/902-3RW VALU-CHECK SPRAYER & BOTTLE 3ea.
660D 150300 2 QUART PUMP SPRAYER ea.
8502 160100/10/#9 OUNCE PUMP ea.
8500 160117/440 SIPHON PUMP PLASTIC ea.
6619 180100/7576 E-Z FILL 5 GALLON CONTAINER ea.
6618 180118/7577 E-Z FILL FAUCET ONLY ea.
6827 220247 OUT OF SERVICE BONNET 5pk.
7331 280102/B210 CONTOURED BOWL BRUSH ea.
6387 280106/3200 1 1/2″ PUTTY KNIFE BLACK ea.
6388 280107/3401 3″ PUTTY KNIFE ea.
6392 280113/3411B RAZOR BLADES 100ea.
6390 280114/3410 SAFETY SCRAPER ea.
8229 280139/2006 HAND UTILITY PAD HOLDER ea.
7456 280174/4391 HEAVY DUTY FORCE CUP ea.
6822 280233/7458 8″ SQUEEGEE/SPONGE PLASTIC HANDLE ea.
654B 320258/119 WET FLOOR SIGN YELLOW ea.

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We carry year-round inventory of a variety of essential supplies and materials…

Contact a sales representative at 213-746-8892 or

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